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The Rapid Growth of Internet Poker

The Internet gambling industry continues to grow, in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world. However, few aspects have grown as rapidly as online Poker, something that the facts and figures will attest to.

As with most online casinos, Internet Poker began in the early 1990s. Although still in its infancy, online Poker began to grow and expand as the people who used to play the game in land based establishments began to see the benefits and comforts of playing on the Web. Whatever few concerns there were regarding security were quickly erased by the rapid development of technology.

By the early 2000s most of the major online sites were already established, and began to provide many of the features that people now associate with these card rooms, including sign up bonuses, multi tables, rake back options etc. The quality and selection of the games also have grown and expanded.

However, it was in early 2003 that the mainstream media became aware of the immense popularity of both the land based and online game. This was brought about by the high ratings that events like the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker received. This proved that not only did the game have a solid following, but also that the online game had arrived.

The same year was also the one where Chris Moneymaker triumphed in the WSOP. He was the first online qualifier to win, and the fact that this feat was replicated in the succeeding years led to the rapid growth of online Poker.

Today it is very common to find buy ins to the big money tourneys as a prize given away by most online satellite tourneys. Today, the number of tournaments available on the Internet equal, or may have even exceeded, the number of cash games being offered.

The fact that these tourneys offer lucrative cash prizes besides, have also fueled the growth of the industry. Since then, there has been no turning back for the Internet Poker world.

Today online Poker is a billion dollar industry, with an increasing number of people participating. From an estimated 800 participants in 2003, the number more than tripled in 2006 and the number of card rooms continue to expand as well, with the bonuses and comps becoming more and more impressive as sites compete for players.

With all these facts, it is clear that now is the perfect time to join and get a chance to win the big money prizes.