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Reading Online Poker Tells

Despite the belief of most players, the fact is that online Poker players give away tells which can be read and exploited. The fact that most people, including Internet players, do not believe means it is something that you can use to your own advantage.

Among the most frequent Poker tells that you will see online is that of the quick call. When you see online players do this, they almost always have a weak hand. The reason they are calling so quick is that they want to give the impression that they have a strong hand and make you think twice.

The same can be said for those who take a long time to check. Often players who resort to this tactic are trying to show that they have a strong hand and might be considering a check raise. However, most of the time in online Poker, they have marginal hands.

A late bet is a Poker tell that connotes a strong hand. What these players are trying to do is to sell the idea that their hand is very weak that they cannot decide how much to bet. In reality, they often have strong cards and are tempting you to make a raise.

In No Limit online game, a player that makes a rapid bet denotes a strong hand. Their strategy is to try and get you to think that they are bluffing. Another Poker tell, again common in No Limit, is that of the quick check. This is done by a player who not just has weak hands, but is probably playing on several other tables. Focus on him as much as you can, as his attention is probably divided.

While these online Poker tells are things that you can use, you should also try to make sure you do not issue them either. First off, you should avail yourself of a Poker odds calculator.

This will not only help you make the proper draws, but also ensure that the amount of time you take between each bet, call and raise is roughly the same. This will make you hard to read and interpret.

Online Poker tells can become very useful tools in your game. Unlike in land based games, most players do not take any precaution against it, and that is something that you can fully exploit to help you win the pot in a consistent manner.