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Playing Options: The Casino Poker Room and Home Poker

For many veteran Poker players, nothing tops the experience of playing the game in an honest-to-goodness casino poker room. And yet many still prefer the convenience of playing poker at home with friends or online. Each carries with it its own pros and cons, and there is something to be said for both points of view.

When playing poker at the casino, naturally the rules of the game are strictly enforced and all players are expected to abide with them. But then again, the rules are sometimes subject to change depending on the casino they are played in. One must also be aware of certain playing etiquette that have to be observed in front of the poker table. On the other hand, the rules aren't so strictly complied with when playing poker at home. Playing among friends, one may be excused if they do not follow proper poker decorum, and the other players won't necessarily get on one's case if one isn't too well-versed in the conventions of the game.

In a casino poker room, one is competing against highly-skilled and experienced expert poker players. At home, the atmosphere is a little less tense. One is also able to set the time that a home poker game will end, while a poker game played in a casino can go on for hours and hours. A player would be waiting quite a long time for a game to end on its own, so they would just have to work up for themselves the will stop playing, stand up and walk away. This is not quite so easy; losing players would want to stay in the hopes of winning back their losses, while winning players would want to stay and push their luck further. In the end, it is much more practical to quit while one is ahead.

A most likely reason why there are many who prefer playing poker at home to playing it at the casinos is that one risks losing less money playing at home. But then, casino patrons would argue that there is much more money to win playing at a casino poker room. And then there is the fast-paced action provided by the casino environment. Still, the more laid-back player may find the intimacy of the home poker game much more to their liking.

Perhaps part of the appeal of card games such as poker is their portability; that they are among the few casino games that can be played from anywhere with but a few decks of cards. Each player just has their own preference for playing the game, be it in the comfort of their home, or in a casino poker room. In many respects, each has an edge on the other, and the choice is ultimately up to the players themselves.