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How to Play Video Poker Computer Games

Video Poker is one of the most popular Slot Machine games of all. The rules are based on standard Poker games. As always in Poker, the objective is to get the best possible card combination, called a hand. The standard Poker hand names are used, but their rankings, and consequently, the payout, may differ among the Video Poker variants.


When playing a typical Video Poker computer game, you will start with a default amount of play money. You'll have entered a username and the computer will remember your total money left when you exit the game.

To begin play, enter a bet. The machine will generate five cards for you. You will be asked to choose which cards to discard, if any. Select the cards you want to keep, and let the machine draw again to replace those cards.

Remember you have the option to change your bet after every draw.

Some Video Poker programs will save your earnings so that you can return to the game later without starting over.


Video Poker generally follows standard Poker hand rankings. However there are minor differences among the variants. Here we show Jacks or Better.

ONE PAIR - A pair of Jacks or higher (Queen, King or Ace). This does not really win you anything. You just get your money back.

TWO PAIRS - Two pairs of cards of any rank. Ex: 2 Threes and 2 Sevens.

THREE OF A KIND - 3 Kings, 3 Fours, etc.

STRAIGHT: Five consecutive cards of different suits. They do not have to be literally in order in the monitor; any order would do so long a the five cards are of succeeding rank. Ex: Nine, Jack, Eight, Seven, Ten.

FLUSH - Five cards of the same suit.

FULL HOUSE - Here you have a pair of cards the same rank, and a trio of other cards of the same rank. That is, a Two Pairs and a Three of a Kind.

FOUR OF A KIND - All the cards of same rank from all four suits. Ex: The 4 Aces of the whole deck.

STRAIGHT FLUSH - A combined Straight and Flush. These are ordered cards of a single suit. Ex: Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five.

ROYAL FLUSH - The highest possible Straight Flush: Ten, the face cards and the Ace of one suit.

Pay schedule for these hands are not always the same in Video Poker games. You should always check first so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.