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Fundamental Rules of Poker Etiquette

A game of poker where you get to hold your own cards and play on a real table is a totally different experience. Compared to a normal game, a live game will have certain elements that an online casino just can't mimic. Part of the excitement in a live poker game is that you have a chance to read into other player's expressions.

Another difference that a land-based poker game has is the necessity of poker etiquette. The rules on decorum for this table game are as binding as the rules of the game itself. Breaking a rule of poker etiquette might cost another player's opportunity to win. Though such rules on decorum are not written, they are to be kept by all who play the game.

Here are some important rules on poker etiquette that you should be aware of. These rules on table civility apply to a live land-based poker game.

The very first rule you should know is to make your moves only when it is your turn. This rule applies to other card games as well, which means you should pay attention to the game. Playing out of turn is a great way to get into trouble when playing poker.

Next rule on poker etiquette is to make your moves in a reasonable amount of time. It is understood that at times you really have to think about your move. But that doesn't mean you have to hold up the entire poker game just to decide on what to do next.

Next rule is don't toss your poker chips. You might have seen this in a movie or TV show but that is really not acceptable when talking about proper poker etiquette but it is interpreted as being rude.

Going along the same vein, you should never comment on how others play their cards. Other than being rude, you are also costing yourself the game. Or if you're no longer in the hand, you might be giving the other guy away.

When you are unsure of how much of a bet you're making when you raise or call it is ok to just place your chips one by one in turn. However, when you lay your cards on the table, don't do it in the same fashion. Just lay your cards on the table and declare what hand it is. Don't lay them one by one as if waiting for the other players to guess what hand you've got.

These are pretty much the fundamental rules on poker etiquette. Consider these rules just as important as the other poker rules. If everyone at the poker table follows them, every game will be as pleasant as anyone might expect.