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An Overview of Poker Bonus Offers

One of the reasons why online Poker rooms are now gaining more popularity than land based casinos is due to the bonus offerings, which are quickly surpassing those of their land based counterparts. But if you find the Internet Poker bonus schemes somewhat bewildering, the following will serve as a guide.

The reload Poker bonus, prevalent in many Poker sites, involves a player getting an additional cash for making another deposit. For those with small bank rolls, this can be a tremendous help, as it will give you more money to play with. The amount that is handed out varies however; some will base it on the amount that you deposit, while with others it is not variable.

One other type of Poker bonus that is becoming quite commonplace is that of the Bad Beat Bonus. The basic idea is that when a player with a very good hand (i.e., full house) gets beaten by someone with an even higher hand, the losing player will get the Bad Beat bonus. The amount varies, but usually half of it will go to the player who got beat. About 30% will go to the player who won, and the rest to a pool which will make up the next Bad beat prize.

Some Poker bonus programs, on the other hand, will often allow you to participate in other gambling activities through their affiliates. Another popular Poker bonus scheme is that of paying players to play on a table. This is something that you may also see in land based casinos.

The idea is to encourage other players to come to the sparse table where you are playing, and thus fill it up. Most will pay you a certain amount, although others will instead tender you offers to reduce the rake or pay back those that you have contributed.

Other online Poker sites will reward you with cash or freebies if you can refer someone you know to the site. Of course, this will depend also on how often that player actually plays the game. The more that they play, the bigger your rewards. The best way you can avail of this, of course, is by playing with your friends at that site.

There are a lot of other bonus programs that you will find, and you will find each to be more interesting than the last. The world of online Poker has never been more thrilling, exciting or profitable than it is today. You should not let this opportunity pass you by, so check pick a Poker site, check the sign up bonus and programs, and start playing.